Booking an appointment is so easy… Please call 07968 696 664 or email using our contact page

We offer our unique “The Therapist Comes 2U” service, your therapy can be conducted where you feel most comfortable… and the good thing is, there’s no extra cost… no last minute extras… just good therapeutic help… when and where you need it…  

Consultation fee’s.

Initial Consultation carries no charge… either by phone, Skype or in person this is your time to express your needs, from there on in its just one foot in front of the other, until your needs are met…

Start Unboggling offer…We aim to keep things simple, “Smoking Cessation” aside, our “The Therapist Comes2U” Hypnotherapy and Councelling services are offered at £55 per session.

Block of Five offer… Book five sessions in advance for session costs of £45, Block Price £225

Smoking Cessation and Nicotine addiction… 120 minutes of focused therapy, considered to be the “off switch” for nicotine addiction, session cost £160

Unless stated the standard therapy session will be no less than 55 minutes.


Your therapy options…

Suggestion therapy and Analytical Therapy (Hypnoanalysis).

  • This therapy style has helped those with deep routed emotional and behavioural personalities such as stressed home or work lifestyles, low self-esteem, low-confidence, depression, fears, phobia, panic attacks, anxiety, exam nerves (task anxieties), addictive behaviours and food relationship issues (weight loss and Hypnogastric band therapy).

Sports Psychology, & Life Coaching. (Counselling, Talk therapy and Hypnosis)

  • Open up the world you wish to be participating in. Unlock your fullest potential. Control the limitations. Be free. This therapy style has helped many sports performers discover their previously locked mental and physical potential.

Forensic Hypnoanalysis, & Changing limiting beliefs. (Hypnosis)

  • Discover supressed and deeply embedded emotions, gain understanding from a specific event, take back control of your limiting behaviours.

Corporate development programs… developing both the human and the business.

Contracted or Retained advisory consultancy support.

Please call 07968 696 664 for corporate developmental opportunities.

Missed appointments, we respectfully ask our clients to give a notice period of 48 hours by phone if a booked appointment must be cancelled, we reserve the right to charge for missed appointments in full.