Half empty or half full

Half empty or half full… I don’t usually re-blog stuff but this is worth truly grasping… Now I don’t know if this is a modern fable or an actual event, I have tried to source the origin just to acknowledge the man’s great wisdom but sadly the internet just has it as a story that […] Read more »

The Power of Understanding

The power of Understanding… If you have enjoyed the “Power of” series… I have another one for you… the power of “Understanding” so to boggle those marbles I have a simple question… “What do you believe is Understanding?”… Try writing down your answer, then ask four of your friends to do the same and I […] Read more »

Stop smoking

Stop Smoking… To be… or not to be… if it is nobler in the mind, to realise that if your adicted, it’s a tough habit to break! Trust me, I’m going to resist listing all the worthy and factual reports that prove how limiting to life the addiction to tobacco is, if you’re a smoker you probably know the statistics of by heart… […] Read more »